ISF Quranic Institute (IQI)

3262 Medical Plaza Dr.
Garland, Texas, 75044
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ISF Quran Institute (IQI) is led by Sheikh Ramadan Elsabagh.

Program offers:
-Continuous Memorization
-Ijaaza Certificate Completion
-Summer School for Qur’anic Studies
-Taj Alwaqqar for Memorization of the Qur’an Certificate Completion

Ijaaza Program Includes:
-Memorization (Hifz) Certificate
-Recitation (Telawa) Certificate
-Tajweed Certificate

Full Time Hifz Program:
-Ideal for homeschool students
-7 days a week
-5-7 hours on weekdays
-3-4 hours on weekends
-Review time each day
-Target is to memorize Qur'an within 1-2 years

Evening and Weekend Program
-2 classes a week: on on the weekday and one on the weekend
-Each class is 2 hours
-3 levels: Beginners, intermediate and advanced

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