The Elegance in Designer Abayas

06/17/2014 by Mohdiah Nasir

Did you get your Ramadan and Eid clothes ready? Because Ramadan is just around the corner. Now in many stores and markets you find a lot of low great prices on many items so use this time to get your clothes and things ready for Ramadan especially your prayer rugs for the upcoming holy month of the year which every muslim is to fast for allah (SWT) and make dua'as and get a lot of hasanat and ajer. As many people know this but, Ramadan is the month of which the quran came down from allah (SWT) to us. To follow islam and do good deeds to earn al jannah on the day of judgment which nobody knows when this will come execpt allah (SWT). It is also a month of sharing and caring with one another and to know the blessings we all have in our lives, be thankful and say alhamdulilah.

For women who are looking for something special to wear for Ramadan and Eid you can find on this website abayas, kaftans, sheilas and accessories.

Now we are having a sale on our abayas and kaftans and with every purchase you make you get a free sheila as a Ramadan gift from us. There is a 30 day return policy and inshallah visit our website today.