20 Ways to Strengthen Your Faith (Brighter Horizons Academy Weekly Newsletter)

10/19/2016 by Subhi Taha

It's not easy to always have strong faith. In fact, we weren't created to constantly feel that bond with our Creator. But that's the challenge. That's the test of this life. Here are some tips on how I help lessen the distance I sometimes feel between me & my beautiful God:


1. Know it's simply a test
2. Don't tell yourself that you've lost
3. Open His book
4. Make a list of ways He has blessed you [to reflect upon]
5. Make a list of wrongs you have committed [to reflect upon]
6. Go to Friday prayer
7. Understand that God loves you, unconditionally
8. Stay strong with your 5 prayers, & understand what you're saying
9. Visualize heaven & eternity
10. Surround yourself with faithful friends
11. Fast for a day
12. Go out in nature
13. Sit at the masjid alone, & reflect on your purpose in this life
14. Do good deeds
15. Read His 99 names
16. Start a new chapter in your life, change your daily routine
17. Forgive your past & those who've wronged you
18. Listen to different Qur'an styles
19. Learn more about the religion
20. The most important one-Talk to Him